Our guests are housed individually or with their best friend. If they don’t already sleep snuggling together, it’s unlikely they will comfortably coexist in the cattery. We recommend sleeping separately and having fun together during the day in the gardens.

Every one of our lodgers has time out in the gardens, time allowance is totally up to the individual’s needs which we monitor closely. The gardens have views of the surroundings, where the resident peacocks, guinea fowl, rabbits and geese wander for our guests’ entertainment.

We provide:

  • Soft Pillows to sleep on, alternatively you can bring their own bedding providing it’s clean.
  • Clean, soft blankets. You may request extra blankets should your cat prefer to burrow in deep.
  • Stainless steel water bowls, fresh water is always available.
  • Stainless steel feeding bowls, various sizes and depths.
  • Our preferred Veterinarian is Blue Hills vet Clinic, just up the road from us. There is also Fourways Vet Hospital not far from us, who are available 24/7 for emergencies, to safeguard your pet.
  • Medication is administered according to your Veterinarian’s instructions.
  • Dried cat-nip is applied to each cat’s scratch block.
  • We provide toys for entertainment such as mice, jingle balls and fresh cat-nip sprinkled on scratch-blocks etc.
  • In winter, cats are kept warm with lots of extra cosy blankets to improve their comfort.

Maurits personally feeds and monitors our guests’ appetites, likes and dislikes.

** NB ** if your cat has ever been diagnosed with the herpes virus, we will not admit it.